01. Her boss didn't show much [sympathy] when she tried to explain why she hadn't finished the work on time.
02. Everyone talks to her about their problems because she is such a [sympathetic] listener.
03. Euripides suggested that man's best possession is a [sympathetic] wife.
04. I don't have much [sympathy] for people who lose money speculating on the real estate market.
05. I certainly [sympathize] with your desire to spend more time with your family, but I'm afraid we just can't give you any extra time off.
06. I would like to extend my sincere [sympathy] to you and your family. I know that you will miss your grandmother a lot, but I know that her memory will live with you for many years to come.
07. The American attacks on the Iraqis have seemingly only succeeded in generating [sympathy] for Saddam Hussein among the Arab countries.
08. No one had much [sympathy] for Eleanor when she got fired because she was such a difficult person to work with.
09. My boss was very [sympathetic] when he heard I was having marital problems that were affecting my work, because she went through a divorce herself about two years ago.
10. The actor was able to take a very disagreeable role and turn it into a [sympathetic] character that the audience could at least understand somewhat.
11. I truly [sympathize] with you regarding your poor health, but the fact is, your work is suffering and we are going to have to let you go.
12. We sent our [sympathies] when we heard of her death, but were unable to attend the funeral.
13. There is a Turkish proverb which states that too much [sympathy] for the unfortunate makes you unhappy.
14. A high-ranking French politician has had to resign after evidence was found showing him to be a Nazi [sympathizer] during the war.
15. During the trial, the mother of the victim astonished everyone by expressing [sympathy] for the family of her son's attacker.
16. According to the rules of Buddhism, one should be [sympathetic] and helpful to all living things, and never harm or kill them.
17. In 1989, Zhao Ziyang, who had expressed [sympathy] for pro-democracy student demonstrators, was replaced by Jiang Zemin as general-secretary of the Communist Party of China.

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